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Blue Knights® Ohio XVIII
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Chapter News

January, 2003
Dear Friends:

Welcome to the Ohio Winter Wonderland, a Blue Knight's nightmare. Oh well, there is only about 2 1/2 more months, then we should be able to get out.

The dues have been paid to the International and to the Great Lakes Conference. There are still some members who have not paid yet, however, the chapter has paid for you in advance. So get out your checkbook and see if you have paid yet, or contact me. Our total membership now stands at 33 members.

I would like to welcome six new members to our chapter. They are: Richard McHenry (Delaware County S.O.), Russ Rigney (Marion County S.O.), Steve Miner (Multi County), Joe Mendel (Delaware County S.O.), Steve Click (OSHP) and Ron Kuszmaul (OSHP). As you can see, Jim Rose has been very busy recruiting.

Speaking of Jim Rose, He has been more busy than you know. Jim is putting together the Memorial Ride to Washington D.C. We will have more information to you very soon, or keep checking the webpage.

The webpage is a good source of information. I will give you the three addresses that you will need for Blue Knights information;


Great Lakes Conference:

Ohio 18 (your chapter):

For those of you who know her, Connie Flanagan was elected as the Blue Knights International Vice President. My thoughts are that Connie will be our next president.

Some tidbits about the Blue Knights. Since 1974, the Blue Knights has been very active in community involvement. As a result, the international has attempted to keep very accurate records on donations. Here are the totals, as of September 2002:
Cash Donations $3,281,648
Goods donated $ 495,613
Manhours $ 279,695 (139,847.5 hours @ $20 per hour)

Total $4,056,956

We will be getting together very soon, to set up a ride schedule. The next ride that is scheduled is to Niagara Falls for the Great Lakes Meeting. The dates are March 21-23, 2003. Information and fliers are available on the GLRC website.

Riding With Pride,

John P. T. Gordon
President, Ohio 18
GLRC Vice Chairman
Trustee, FOP, Ohio 24

March 2003

Dear Friends:

March has been an interesting month. We have seen warmer weather than normal, which means several bikes have been cleaned and taken out of storage. In fact our chapter has already taken it's first unofficial ride. Seven chapter members met at the Cracker Barrell in Delaware on March 16, and following a great breakfast, we traveled to Sugarcreek, Ohio for a fantastic lunch. It felt great to have that wind in your face. See the photos on our chapter site:

On March 21-23, 2003, Wayne Stroh and I took Lois and my grandson, Ian, to the Great Lakes Conference meeting in Niagara Falls, NY. We had the best dinner on Friday night, at Como's Italian Restaurant. Como's used to be a meeting location for the mob of western New York and they have the best food around. Following dinner, the owner took the group of 30 Blue Knights on a tour of his $2 M kitchen. The remainder of the weekend was great and we even left some beer there for the next time.

Our chapter sales item (Blue Knights flag) is still available. I have recently sold one flag and have an order for 5 more coming this week. This will leave us with 11 flags to sell. This may be the last order in this size (12" x 18"). Jim Rose and I will be talking about this issue. We may be ordering a smaller size for future sales. Please give us some input.

I would like to welcome Steve Miner to our chapter. This brings our total membership up to 30 paid members. There are still 3 unpaid members. If you have received this newsletter and have not received your 2003 dues card, then mail me a check for this years dues. If you have already paid and haven't received your card, then contact me.

Future rides will be announced within the next coming weeks. Let's see what mother nature has in store for us. However, there are a couple of events that you may need to plan your vacations time around and they are:

May 10-16, Police Memorial Week. Our chapter is meeting at the Cracker Barrell in Delaware, Ohio on May 10, 8:00, AM for the Midwest leg to DC. Contact Jim Rose for more information. A flier is available on our chapter website:

July 13-18, Blue Knights International Convention, Chesapeake, Virginia. Note: Lois and I will be going to this. If there is anybody else who would like to go and travel there with us, let me know.

July 25-27, All Indiana Rally, Muncie, Indiana.

August 8-10, Great Lakes Conference meeting in Collinsville, Illinois.

October 5-7, Ohio 18 Chapter Ride, Smoky Mountains. Yes, we will travel to the Smoky Mountains, so that we can tame "The Dragon" once again. For those of you who haven't heard about "The Dragon," it is US-129, which has 318 curves in 11 miles. This will be our chapter 5th anniversary for this trip. Make your plans now. I will be contacting a motel later this summer.

Nothing more to report on right now. Until our next ride, keep our military in your prayers and keep,

Riding With Pride,

John P. T. Gordon
President, Blue Knights Ohio 18
Vice Chairman, Blue Knights GLRC
Trustee, FOP, Ohio 24

May 2003

On Sunday, May 4, 2003, the Blue Knights Ohio Chapter will meet at the Cracker Barrel, on SR-36 & I-71, in Delaware County. The time of this meeting and ride will be at 10:00 AM. It is my intent to have a business meeting and then a ride following.

In case you may have forgotten, our chapter ride to the Police Memorial in Washington is the following Saturday, May 10. As we did last year, we will be taking some police widows to this memorial. The Fraternal Order of Police lodges in Marion and Delaware have donated money to us, so that we can pay as much as possible for these ladies. Any other donations that you can obtain will be greatly appreciated. We also have some money from our chapter flag sales, to help offset our expenses for this trip. I encourage you to attend this meeting.

Our chapter ride last week end was great. Four of us rode to Port Clinton, where we had a nice lunch and then returned home. The weather was great and the traffic was light, what more can you ask for?

Again our next ride/meeting is Sunday, May 4, 2003, 10 AM, Cracker Barrel, SR-36 @ I 71, in Delaware County.

Riding With Pride,

John P. T. Gordon
President, Blue Knights Ohio 18
Vice Chairman, Blue Knights GLRC
Trustee, FOP, Ohio 24